HSC Result 2022

  The HSC Result 2022 is finally here! On 8th February 2023, students who appeared for the HSC examination and its equivalent in Bangladesh can expect to receive their results. The results of HSC, Alim Result 2022 and HSC Vocational Result 2022 will be published simultaneously, providing a comprehensive picture of the students’ performance.

HSC Result 2022

With over 13 lakh students participating in the HSC examination, it is a much-awaited event. The exams were held in a short syllabus format and students will be able to know the results both online and via SMS. Unlike previous years, results will not be provided by the educational institutions but students can access them through various websites.

How to know the HSC Result?

Web-based HSC results can be accessed through the official website of the Ministry of Education, educationboardresults.gov.bd and tipslagbe.xyz 


To access the results through tipslagbe.xyz , students need to follow a simple process. They have to visit the website, select “HSC / Alim / Equivalent,” choose the year as “2022”, select the board name, choose “Individual Result” and type in their roll and registration number. After entering the security code, students can click on the “Get Result” button to view their results.


On the other hand, educationboardresults.gov.bd will provide detailed results of all education boards. To access the results, students need to select “HSC / Alim” or “HSC (Vocational)” from the examination option, choose “2022” from the year option, select their education board name, enter their roll and registration number, enter the sum in the box provided, and click the “Submit” button.

HSC Result 2022 Through SMS

The easiest way to know the HSC Result 2022 is through SMS. Students can pre-register by sending an SMS to 16222 before the result is published. Pre-registered students will be notified of the results as soon as they are published. Students can also send an SMS after the results are published to receive their results instantly. The process involves entering the message option on your mobile phone, going to the “New Message” option, writing HSC followed by the first three letters of the board name, their roll number, and the year 2022.

Example Message: HSC DIPU 123456 2022

Sending Number: 16222